Business Area: Sector Intelligence Solutions / Solution: Software / Sector: Real Estate


Loek! provides a smart building platform that uses a blockchain solution to automatically control the building’s operations and digital identity. By using smart contracts the building interacts with stakeholders (e.g. maintenance and rental).


  • Kees van Iwaarden (CEO)



  • Early Stage



  • Real Estate platform
  • LOEK! develops and operates an online platform connected to a Private Ethereum Blockchain network. The dot on the horizon is the building as an independent digital entity that rents and maintains itself.
  • Online Platform
    • Building a digital community, consisting of customers, suppliers and employees.
    • Use our or third party applications, clients can organize real estate and facility processes smarter.
    • From the digital building archive, documents can be shared with all parties.
  • Smart contracts
    • Allow installations and building components to work independently.
    • Building components and installations send orders and job-orders to suppliers and employees, based on predefined rules and conditions. Even making payments is possible.
  • Applications
    • Mobile applications makes the clients work easy and efficient.


  • Office – The Hague

Prinses Catharina-Amaliastraat 5, 2496XD The Hague, The Netherlands


  • 2016


  • 2