Business Area: Blockchain / Solution: Fintech / Sector: Profit (SME)


Finturi built a state-of-the-art invoice platform which aims to combine innovative risk-scoring techniques to provide secure financing to small and medium sizes enterprises. The platform is based on blockchain and artificial intelligence.


  • Johannes Brouwer (CEO)
  • Sanjukta Barooah (COO)
  • Ruslan Plakhuta (CTO)



  • Early Stage



  • Invoice Financing
  • Finturi is building a blockchain based financing system, starting with invoices and ending with the whole supply chain.
  • Finturi implements a Token based action system where SME’s can post their invoices and Financiers can finance the invoice.
  • It’s adding trust to the invoice by for instance revealing health score (predicts defaults / bankruptcies and predict the health of the company.
  • For every actor we have a value proposition:
    • Borrower (SME): fast, easy and cheap money to grow their business
    • Financiers: insight in the real risks and low transaction (administrative) costs
    • Retail financier (crowd): possibility to invest with small amounts in high ROI investments
    • SME client (Receiver of the invoice): incentives for sharing information and possibility to extend the payment terms.


  • Office – The Hague

Saturnusstraat 60, Unit 72a, 2516AH The Hague, The Netherlands




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